Is Your Website Legal?: Get The Legal Bundle

Is Your Website Legal?: Get The Legal Bundle

When I decided to pull the trigger and dive headfirst into creating my company Mama for Miles LLC, I was faced with a major question made by my father, a successful entrepreneur. He asked me if my website was legally protected. I didn’t know what that really meant. I had a problem and found a solution. Is Your Website Legal?: Get The Legal Bundle

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The Problem

One of my core work values is to present myself professionally no matter what the field is. This being said, it was so important to me to create a professional website for my new blog. And I knew one of those components was legal protection for my business and myself. I don’t got time for lawsuits, who does?

The problem was, I had no clue where to begin!

My desk was flooded with checklist on what I needed to get started. These lists included ALL THE THINGS

A business plan 

Siteground hosting platform

Canva Pro for image design

Essential plugins for WordPress like Ultimate Social Media Premium

Social media tools like Tailwind

• Ugh, and more!

You name it, I had it ALL written down and the lists were growing everyday. 

And don’t even get me started with my content lists – That list was a miles long lol.

The whole reason I started Mama for Miles, LLC was because my noggin’ was exploding with tips & ideas to share.

Long story short, I was completely overwhelmed and felt like a fish out of water. But what I do know about myself is that I am a persevering machine!

How I Started

During my research, I came across quite a few Pinterest posts about how to legally protect my blog. Some people promoted free tools. Sounds alluring, right? But I wanted the real deal. Then I stumbled across a post by a successful entrepreneur whom wrote about her experience with easy to use and affordable legal templates for bloggers from Amira at A Self Guru.

The words AFFORDABLE and EASY got me hooked!

I had to be practical with my purchases for I only had a small savings stash set aside for initial investments. And everyone in business knows that …


I was so thrilled to come across Amira’s templates. The value completely surpassed my expectations! Not only are her prices unbelievable, she also includes free bonuses!!! She even sends you personal emails providing you with special offers of additional templates and tips on being successful. You have access to her Facebook group which is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and her personal support is very sincere.

Amira truly wants to help you and is all about your success!

I was ready to get started so I purchased The Legal Bundle from Amira. The bundle includes 3 important templates that you need: Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms & Conditions. I even purchased her Sponsored Post Contract because I plan to monetize my site and work with brands.

She is the real deal! She’s a lawyer and big time blogger who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs with their legal pages plus thousands of her own clients. 

Legal Bundle comprised of 3 customizable templates for your website.
Sponsored post contract to monetize your website and to work with other companies.

Setting Up My Website for Success

I think of myself as a smart, creative person, but honestly felt so lost and quite dumb when it came to legal terms and proper word placement. I knew from my past profession that correct terminology and context are vital when creating professional documents. Girl, I NEEDED HELP!

This Mama was not about to whip something up and call it a day on something so important!

The great thing is that these templates were soooo easy to use. Amira gives you detailed and easy to follow instructions to personalize each template. Each one took me a few minutes to complete and add as separate pages on my website. 

I set up my 3 separate legal pages on my site before launching content. This saved me time when I was creating all of my MailerLite subscriber forms. If you have an active site, don’t worry … better late than never! Just make sure to go back and add links directing back to your legal pages.

Legal Bundle comprised of 3 customizable templates for your website.

The Legal Bundle templates are not just for bloggers like myself. Coaches, marketers, course creators, and entrepreneurs alike can customize them to align with their specific online business. You can get the templates individually but..

I got big business goals and wanted to do it right!

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy which you can get by itself or save through The Legal Bundle.

• Everything the user needs to know about information sharing

• Email marketing opt-in/unsubscribe user rights. Essential for newsletter/subscriber forms on MailerLite)

• Security liability clause

• Compliance clause of California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

• GDPR visitor’s rights *BONUS*

• GDPR compliance *BONUS*

• Detailed Cookie Policy that you add a link to your cookie pop-up that directs to your privacy policy page *BONUS*

And more!


Disclaimer template which you can get by itself or save through The Legal Bundle.

• Customizable general or specific professional disclaimer

• Affiliate/ 3rd party link disclaimer & disclosure. Includes the Amazon Affiliate Program

• Earnings disclaimer *BONUS*

• Testimonial disclaimer *BONUS*

• Sponsored posts/reviews disclaimer *BONUS*

Add even more…

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions template which you can get by itself or save by purchasing The Legal Bundle.

• Acceptance of privacy policy & disclaimer

• Arbitration clause *BONUS*

• Intellectual property information

• User consent & lawful use of the website *BONUS*

• 3rd party links disclaimer *BONUS*

• Use of paid and free products: printouts, e-books, etc.

• Termination

And more, and more, and MORE! 

How Does It Help Me?

I have a master’s degree in clinical social work and gained such therapeutic knowledge from my education and practical work.  

The content I wanted to create includes how I implement therapeutic techniques in my personal life and with my son. I intend to cover my own positive parenting techniques and successful self care tips for the Mamas.

I also wanted to give DIY tutorials on how I made toys, hack play furniture for my son and home hacks that make our lives easier and super fun in our single parent home. 

The disclaimer template helps me by explaining that the content I create isn’t intended to replace professional help. It’s a way to share what has worked and not worked for me. 

Along with writing and creating content, I planned to work with brands I trust & love to promote their products.

By having a sponsored post contract ready to go I can work smarter not harder! Not only do I save time with having the contract prepared, it also presents a positive professional impression. Thus, a potential increase in compensation and/or stronger relationship with brands.

Knowledge Is Power

I have a confession… Could you believe I have never fully read through a website’s privacy policy or terms & conditions? #TRUESTORY 

Did you know that you CANNOT copy and paste digital media text and/or images? Pasting them to your site without explicit permission, even if you site them is a MAJOR NO-NO!

You can’t even post song lyrics on the web unless you have permission by the artist, only song titles! That’s a whole other story I learned through extended research.

It came as a shocker after scrolling through my Instagram feed, seeing so many violations of non-shared, clearly copied content claiming to be original. This also includes stealing or using other website’s legal pages without permission.

It might be tempting and an easy way out to scroll down to my footer menu and snag my personalized lawyer-drafted legal pages. They are pretty great! But that would be a violation of’s terms & conditions.

After drafting a rough outline for one of my upcoming posts, I contacted two mental health professionals to see if I could reference them and their work in my article.

I introduced myself and asked permission to give a general background of their program in my own words.

I felt it was important to give a foundation of the program so my examples could carry more weight. All and all, I practice their program’s tenets in my single parent home and they work.

I also ask if there were parameters to what I could write and if they wanted me to specifically include something I didn’t yet have planned.

They both sent me back a heartfelt response of how wonderful it was that I was applying their principals in my home. 

One gave me a prepared generalized media policy that was not clearly stated in their website’s policies.

They requested that I tag them in social media posts if I chose to promote the post, which I happily obliged to. Most importantly they wished me well on my new venture and wanted to stay in contact with me.

I would have never thought to do this! I am used to referencing books and academic articles for my college courses and never had to contact the author to reference their work.

By reading through the templates and talking to other entrepreneurs in the Facebook group I learned what I needed to do!

Problem Solved

After I purchased and personalized my templates, a weight was immediately lifted off my shoulders!

Before purchasing the templates, I was skeptical about how much time it would take filling them out and if they were detailed enough. Amira’s directions are very clear. She even has the sections highlighted where you enter your customized information!

I was no longer fearful of how I would protect myself. Problem solved. These templates gave me the confidence to trudge forward in creating and building my business.

They cover more information that I never knew I needed! 

I not only received these awesome legal pages for my site, but also left with way more bonuses and unanticipated perks.

The knowledge of policies and media laws

Confidence to present myself and business to successful professionals

Relationships with professionals wanting to promote my work and success! 

The Perks

Access to a collaborative Facebook page of other like-minded entrepreneurs. 

•  Personal support from Amira herself, a boss of a lawyer and successful blogger.

 • Nine, yes NINE bonus templates!

An affiliate program to share the wealth and earn some income.

I use the affiliate program to share my experience with her products, hence this post.

I was so blown away by the VALUE of these templates and all the extras that came with them! Of course I joined!

I mean come on, if my whole purpose is to share information and help readers on my blog, why would I keep the legal bundle a secret.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you’re on the fence about protecting your business with The Legal Bundle … 

JUST ?? DO ?? IT! ??

Do you want to be so stressed out, running in circles trying to figure out how to protect your business? 

Do you want to spend boatloads of money on lawyers? 

Do you want to waste precious time and energy trying to write your own? 

I SURE DIDN’T! You will not regret it! And YOU can ask the question and point your pals in the right direction by asking, Is Your Website Legal?: Get The Legal Bundle

The Meat & Potatoes

So for the important take away aka the meat? & potatoes?…

Once I found Amari’s Legal Bundle I was able to stop stressing about the legal side of blogging.

I have laid a foundation on with my privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms & conditions pages on my blog. And don’t forget about the contract to send to potential brand sponsors. presents itself as professional, even though I’m a newbie. And in this day age, I’m just a small fish in the big pond sea of bloggers. 

The three pages Privacy PolicyDisclaimer, and Terms & Conditions I created using 3 super easy customizable templates are the ultimate solution to my problem of creating a legal website. 


Want more info? Drop a comment below or check out Amira’s blog post to learn about each template in detail and understand why you need it by clicking this link ➔

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